Fletcher Harrington led the country-rock band Cowboy Buddha beginning in 1995 and released his first solo album in 2002, solidifying his status as one of California's leading singer/songwriters working along the country-rock axis. A military offspring, Harrington traveled extensively as a child with his father, living for stints in Florida, Colorado, England, Mississippi, and Arizona. He eventually moved to Orange County, CA, in the mid-'90s and started Cowboy Buddha, a country-rock band that allowed him to explore his Americana interests and influences. Harrington's music draws primarily from such country-rock icons as Neil Young, Johnny Cash, and Uncle Tupelo, yet the singer/songwriter also has roots in such garage punk bands as the Minutemen and pop/rock bands as REM. As a result, his music doesn't fall within a simple category but rather spans the axis from country to rock. His debut solo album, Eyes on Fire & Knuckles Sore (2002), reflects this, as does his work within Cowboy Buddha.

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